Competitive Socialising 2024

May 9, 2024

Lighthouse Theatre



The Event

On 9th May 2024, the 4th annual Competitive Socialising: The Power of Play event took centre stage, attracting over 1,000 attendees eager to dive into the heart of this dynamic sector within hospitality. Event co-owners, Home Leisure Direct, truly brought the house down with an electrifying showcase of over 30 competitive socialising products—all set to free to play! From thought-provoking talks by industry giants to cutting-edge innovations in operator technologies, this event was a melting pot of inspiration, networking, and pure entertainment.

Sharing of Insights

The speaker lineup boasted luminaries from top industry players like BII, Red Engine, Roxy Leisure, KAM, Laine Pub Company, and many more. Discussions ranged from startup strategies to sector-wide insights, all underscored by the transformative power of technology.


The atmosphere crackled with excitement as attendees indulged in an array of refreshments courtesy of sponsors Coca Cola, Butcombe Brewing Co, Monster Energy, Lucky Saint, Molinari and Grumpy Mule Coffee . The venue was transformed into a neon wonderland with dazzling purple lighting, sights and sounds by Inntegra AV partners SingPods - and roaming entertainers provided by Pearl Creative with LED robot stilt walkers, acrobats, disco ball head dancers, and mirror men - adding an otherworldly vibe.

Hosting the evening were the fabulous drag duo, Paris Grande and Nicole Grande, while DJ Leona Graham curated an infectious soundtrack for networking to flourish- both provided by GigRealm. The competition was fierce on the interactive darts setup, with Butcombe Brewing Co offering a thirst-quenching prize. Kwizzbit kept everyone engaged with a lively virtual pub quiz, and TNT Sports added prestige a photo opportunity with the Premier League Trophy.


Singpods provided a soundproof karaoke haven, and Photobot captured the magic with animated photo booths. All set to the backdrop of the latest incredible gaming products by Home Leisure Direct! Shuffleboards, augmented reality pool, augmented reality darts, race car simulators, customisable air hockey tables and so much more!


The pinnacle of the night was the inaugural Competitive Socialising Awards, showcasing the best in the business across ten thrilling categories. The advisory board for Gamechangers Organisation provided the independent panel of judges, taking on the difficult task of crowning the winners across each category.

Competitive Socialising: The Power of Play

Inntegra's Competitive Socialising: The Power of Play event was not just an event—it was a testament to the boundless creativity and innovation within this burgeoning industry. Attendees left with minds buzzing and hearts full, eager to push the boundaries of competitive socialising in the year ahead.

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raised for charity


Steve Alton, BII

Ben Warren, Roxy Leisure

Molly Davis, BII

Tracy Bickerdike, HEINEKEN & Star Pubs

Tracy Chau, Simmons Bars

Laurence Brown, KAM Insight

Juliette Keyte, Red Engine

Matt Eley, Gamechangers Organisation

Andy Beresford, Home Leisure Direct

Zoe Knowles, Wireless Social

Laurence Stevenson, TOCA Social

Jordan Capps, All Star Lane

James Palmer-Broome, Puttshack

Charlie Elek, Lucky Voice

Luci Cunningham, Airship & Toggle

Rosie Lewis-Marsh

Suzanna Baci, NQ64

Filipe Borne, Lucky Voice

Gavin Hughes, Lane7

Gavin George, Laine Pub Company & Laine Brew Co.

Matt Barnwell, Purists of Play

Alex Lewis, Purists of Play

Josh Smith, me&u

Sharon Vickers, Treetop Golf

Jordan McDonald, Big Fang Collective

Jon Calabrese, Clays

Alasdair Collis, TNT Sports

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